Stories are expected to prevail over the classic feed to inform users in 2019.

Facebook announced in early January that it is launching a trial run for the stories. This feature aims to encourage “friends” to attend events that interest them. The new feature will allow users to share through their stories the events they are interested in attending. This way they can easily see which of their friends are interested. They may also plan to attend the event together. Stickers will appear in the story. When the stickers are pressed, friends will be able to see details of the event and tell whether they are interested in going or not. In addition, a link will be added to the event page. There will also be a chance to start a group chat on Messenger with friends who have responded favorably. The trial has already begun in the US, Mexico and Brazil.

Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox even said: “Within the next year, the story format is going to surpass the classic news feed as the main way users share things with their friends.” Facebook stories started in March 2017 and fourteen months later, 150 million people use the stories daily.

Developments in the popular social network, cause advertisers to rethink their message. It should no longer suffice in a heading, a text and a link. It should include a background, overlays, and a feeling that remains even if the users who see it do not click. Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, himself, acknowledged that the company is focusing on ensuring that ads are as good as stories and feeds. He confirms, too, that Facebook is working feverishly to generate revenue through Facebook stories.

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