The new subsidy program to support existing micro and small businesses in the Region of Central Macedonia has been launched. The grant is aimed at the market for innovative ICT applications to improve productivity and business promotion.

This program enables businesses to enhance their digital presence. The rate of reinforcement of investment plans for all eligible program is 100%.

Subsidized Expenses relate to:

  • Web site design and development in 2 languages.
  • Design and development and / or management of an e-shop in 2 languages.
  • Participation in Greek e-Marketplaces, whether these relate to B2C (end-to-end business) or B2B (business to business) activities for sales, purchasing, product promotion and product listing, price comparison, participation in commissions, invoices and payments, participation in online competitions and auctions, etc.
  • Digital marketing services (eg google ads, facebook ads, Social media management).
  • Translation services of web site content and / or online store.
  • Registration, transformation and data transfer services (linking web site to the ERP software used).

Potential beneficiaries of the program are businesses that, regardless of their legal form, are engaged in economic activity and must:

  • operate or be active, and to incur the corresponding expenditure in the Region of Central Macedonia,
  • have the CA (s) declared before submitting the investment proposal,
  • be very small or small businesses,
  • have completed at least two (2) full twelve-month management years (ie set up before 1/1/2017) prior to the date of application for funding,
  • operate exclusively in one of the following forms: corporate / commercial enterprises (Societe Anonyme, Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnership and PCI) and sole businesses,
  • to keep KVS’s typographical or duplicate books,
  • not to go into bankruptcy, liquidation or forced management,
  • not to be in trouble,
  • not to recover recovery aid following a prior Commission decision declaring the aid unlawful and incompatible with the internal market,
  • submit a business plan / financing proposal with a detailed description of the proposed ICT investment, as well as all the necessary information, supporting documents and forms as set out in this notice;
  • include in their investment plans / proposals expenditures that have not been financed and are not included in any other program financed by national or Community funds;
  • undertake that their investment plans / proposals have not been submitted for accession and if approved for funding will not be subject to any other program financed by national or Community funds, do not form part of an already organized uniform distribution network of products or services operated by them. intellectual property rights contracts, usually involving trademarks or distinctive titles, and know-how for the use and distribution of goods or services (e.g., franchising, shop in shop, brokerage network), and operates in one of the legal forms eligible for the program,
  • the penalties referred to in Article 40 (1) of the Law have not been imposed on her. 4488/2017 (Α137/13.09.2017),
    the total amount of de minimis aid previously granted by a given undertaking (single undertaking), including aid under this Action, shall not exceed EUR 200 000 (or EUR 100,000 for the road freight sector on behalf of third parties); within one year (current financial year and two (2) preceding financial years) before the time of grant (Act of Accession Decision) of the legal aid right,
  • to submit a single application for funding per VAT; in this action throughout the duration of this call,
  • no work has been started on the project prior to the publication of the invitation.

For the exact terms and conditions of the program you can visit the following page:

Invitation “Technology Vouchers for Small and Very Small Enterprises of the Region of Central Macedonia” in the framework of O.P. Central Macedonia 2014-2020

Submission Period: From 4/6/2019 to 5/7/2019 (3:00 pm)

Under the program, small and micro businesses of the Region of Central Macedonia are being supported for technology vouchers with a minimum subsidized budget of € 5,000 and a maximum subsidized budget of € 15,000.