Start of electronic submission of proposals: Monday 22 February 2021 at 13:00
Closing of electronic submission of proposals: Monday 5 April 2021 at 15:00


Under the Action, investment projects amounting to € 5,000 are supported. The Action is funded with a total amount of € 80 million (Public Expenditure) for the entire Greek territory. In case the requests of the companies exceed the available IO, the amount will increase until the coverage of all the applications. The percentage of support for investment projects is 100%.


Companies that:

  • have been established until 12/2/2021,
  • are active in the Retail sector (KAD 47 and its Analytics based on the relevant Annex of the announcement) either as MAIN Activity, at the headquarters or at the branch, or as an activity with the highest income,
  • maintain a physical store,
  • their operation has been suspended for at least one day from Wednesday 18 March 2020,
  • showed a decrease in the Turnover (turnover) of the 4th quarter of 2020 in relation to the respective Turnover of the 4th quarter of the year 2019, greater than or equal to 20% (Does not apply to newly established).


Each company (discrete VAT) will be awarded a total grant of up to the amount of 5,000.00 € for the acquisition of IT equipment and the implementation of intangible actions (Software / services) in order to develop and manage an online store.

If the company (discrete VAT number) already had an online store before 18/3/2020, then this can be upgraded with a entitled grant up to the amount of € 1,500.00.

The eligible costs of the Action fall into two (2) broader categories, namely IT Equipment and Software, and are as follows:

IT Equipment (only for new online stores)

  • Servers for hosting applications – software required to create and operate an online store, with its accompanying components (keyboards, screen, etc.) and the required operating system. Acquisition in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) is also allowed. In the case of acquisition in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), the cost for one year is eligible.
  • Computers (Desktop / Laptop).
  • Other technological equipment related to the creation / upgrade and operation of an online store (eg Network equipment, Bar code readers, printers, etc.). The cost of supplying tablets, mobile devices and televisions is not eligible.

For IT equipment the maximum eligible percentage of the subsidized project budget is 30%.


E-shop design, development and management services that will operate in 2 languages, as well as in a mobile responsive environment – mobile responsive or dedicated mobile version and will integrate ordering functions (basket), warehouse (quantity of items) and secure electronic payments ( redirect in a banking environment).

Eligible cost is the purchase of software in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) if it is necessary for the operation of the e-shop. In the case of acquisition in the form of Software as a Service (SAAS), the cost for one year is eligible.

Development and / or certification of digital security policy. For the software the maximum eligible percentage of the subsidized project budget is 100%.


The start of eligibility costs is set for March 18, 2020. Therefore, all eligible costs should have started as a Physical and Financial item from that day onwards.

The deadline for completion of the financed investments may not exceed six (6) months from the date of issuance of the Accession Decision.

NetGraphics with 18 years of experience in designing prototype websites, eshop and portal in collaboration with OECON Group, Business & Development Consultants with 17 years of experience in investment programs, can prepare the application form and monitor the grant until its completion and the design of a modern and integrated online store as well as its promotion through Digital Marketing in order to increase sales. You can contact us at or fill in your details in the form below to put you in order of priority so that we can inform you with all the necessary information.

Questionnaire for the proper development of an online store:

  1. What will be the address of your online store?
  2. Do you have photos of the products?
  3. Do you want us to take photos and / or edit the photos?
  4. How many products will be placed?
  5. Do the products contain variables (color, size)?
  6. Have you prepared titles and detailed descriptions (weight, dimensions)?
  7. What will be the Payment Methods (Bank Deposit, Cash on Delivery, In-Store Payment, Paypal, Stripe or Credit Card via Bank)?
  8. What will be the shipping methods (contract with a courier company)?
  9. What will be the return policy?
  10. Have you translated the products?
  11. Do you have a logo?
  12. Do you want us to take over the management of the online store or will you do it?
  13. Do you want us to take over the Digital Marketing of the eshop (Promotion of an online store with ads and social media management)?
  14. Do you have a product and order management (ERP) program in your store and want to connect to the eshop?

Read the program invitation: Πρόσκληση e-λιανικό

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